Thursday 15th August – Sunday 18th August

Hi all,

I have had a lot of questions about whether summer has finished for this year. Well don’t lose hope yet as current long-term forecasts point towards it turning settled, sunnier and very warm again once we enter into midweek next week, so hopefully a decent end to August.

After a muggy night, Thursday will dawn cloudy with light rain or drizzle around and this sets the pattern for the day. We may see some brighter weather later in the day but generally cloudy with bits and pieces of rain around. Feeling humid with highs of 20’C.

It doesn’t get much better as we enter Friday. The day will see some periods of rain around in the morning which will eventually clear away during the afternoon as a little fresher but breezier weather pushes in from the west with some showers. Highs of 18’C.

Weather fronts pushing in from the Altantic take charge over the weekend so not great for planning anything outside.

Saturday should start bright but quickly this will be replaced by wet and windy weather as rain sweeps in from the west. Most of the day will be wet and breezy and it will feel cooler too. Highs of only 16’C.

Sunday will be another cool and breezy day. Any early rain will die out and leave us with a day of sunshine and occassional heavy showers blown in on a stiff westerly breeze. Highs of 17’C.

Looking ahead into next week sees a showery day on Monday but confidence is there after that for high pressure to build and the weather to settle down and hopefully giving us another chance to taste summer. Still a long way off and subject to change but I have my fingers crossed.

To keep up to date with your local weather, follow Jon, @ChadWeather, on Twitter.

Have a great weekend.

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