Turning wet and windy – Thursday 29th September 2022 – Sunday 2nd October 2022

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The weekly blog is back this week and with it news of unsettled weather as the Jet Stream returns across the UK. September is definitely the month of change and another grass-frost this morning, signalling the trend to much cooler weather compared to only a few weeks ago. That said, milder air is on the way but plenty of rain and wind to go with it.

Thursday: A fresh start with sunny spells but cloud will soon increase. Breezy but warmer than recently. Bright spells continue into the afternoon with the chance of a fleeting shower. Chilly night. Max 16°C

Friday: A large area of low pressure will anchor to the northwest of the UK and dominate the weather. Cloud thickening quickly, and any brightness fading as heavy rain sweeps in from the west during the morning. Winds increasing later to gust locally to 40mph. The rain will turn showery into the evening. Max 14°C

A lively low brings heavy rain and gusty winds on Friday, especially into the afternoon and evening.

Weekend: Autumnal but improvements.

Saturday: Windy with frequent showers which could be thundery with hail. Bright spells in between. Feeling fresh and gusty during showers. Max 13°C

Sunday: Showers continuing for most of the morning but these will ease and become more scattered into the afternoon. Still windy. Max 14°C

Outlook: Maximum temperatures staying in the mid-teens. Mixed conditions with bright spells and showers. Nothing significantly cold or warm. Ground-frosts unlikely.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 28th of September 2022 at 5:10pm
Image: www wxcharts.com

Plenty of dry weather but turning cooler with the chance of a ground-frost – Thursday 15th September 2022 – Sunday 18th September 2022

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So far in September (up to the 14th) we’ve had 50mm of rain, so already passing the previous 3 months of summer’s individual monthly totals. Autumn is making up for that decent summer but we now enter a dry spell once again, which could last over a week and it will start to feel chilly.

**UV levels are now down to MEDIUM (4) between 12pm-2pm**

After some sunny spells earlier this week, cloudier conditions and cooler air is set to arrive.

Thursday: Fresh start then a dry day with a north-westerly breeze and sunny spells. Cloud bubbling up during the day. Max 16°C Min 7°C

Friday: High pressure out to our west, so plenty of dry weather with variable cloud feeding down from the north-west on a cool and gusty breeze with sunny spells. Cool but pleasant enough in the sunshine and sheltered from the wind. Cold night ahead with the chance of ground-frost in rural spots. Max 15°C Min 4°C

Colder air from the north arrives during Friday.

Weekend: Cloudier second-half.

Saturday: The fresh north-westerly airflow continues and cloud will increase after a bright morning. Dry. More in the way of cloud overnight so not as cold. Max 15°C Min 8°C

Sunday: The high pressure will have drifted a little bit further east, so the wind should not be as strong. Cloudy day expected with some breaks here and there. Feeling cooler with less in the way of brightness. Max 14°C Min 7°C

Outlook: High pressure to hang around for a few more days, so little change. It will then drift away later in the week, allowing for a steady south-westerly breeze to pick up, dragging in cloud with the odd patch of rain but most will stay dry. Temperatures will recover a little but no sign of a late summer-burst on the horizon!

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Note: There will be no blog next week as I’m off to Spain for a golfing holiday. Forecast tweets will continue and maybe the odd Spanish photo or two ;).


Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 14th of September at 5:35pm.

Drier and More Settled Weekend before ex-Hurricane Danielle – Thursday 8th September 2022 – Sunday 11th September 2022

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Thundery showers have passed through the region this week.

Thursday: After a bright start with some sunny spells clouds will bubble up and with low pressure close by, heavy thundery showers will break out again. Risk of hail. Max 20°C

Friday: Cloudier and the area of low pressure that has dominated the UK’s weather since the start of the week will slip east and start to fill slightly. As it does so, there will be a fresh north to north-easterly wind and showers will develop again. Max 19°C

Weekend: Low pressure moves into Europe allowing a brief ridge of high pressure to slip in.

Saturday: Lighter winds and drier with bright or sunny spells. With more brightness around it will feel warmer. Chance of an isolated shower towards evening but most dry. Max 19°C

Sunday: The ridge of high pressure will be squeezed away as the remnants of ex-Hurricane Danielle will drift towards the UK. So a cloudier day with winds increasing from the south-east and becoming quite gusty. Showery rain for the latter half of the day or more likely, overnight. Humidity increasing. Max 20°C

Outlook: Little change. Showers or bands of rain, perhaps thundery at times and temperatures around normal. Bright spells too. So far, Autumn is making up for that decent summer.

August 2022 Stats

Max 30.4°C (12th)
Min 8.5°C (6th)
Av. 17.6°C
Wettest 13.6mm (2nd)
Av. Humidity 73%
Av. Barometer 1019.0 hPa
Max Gust 27.6mph
Av. Wind Direction W
Rain 38mm (well below-average)
Rain Registered Days 10
Dry Days 21


Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 7th of September 2022 at 7:20pm