Thursday 27th August 2015 – Bank Holiday Monday 31st August 2015

Hi all,

Summer is almost over and soon we will be scraping the windscreen of the car of morning frost. I think you will all agree, summer was poor but we have an August Bank Holiday to enjoy first; so what’s in store?

Thursday will be a day of sunshine and showers. A keen southwesterly breeze blowing showers through the region throughout the day with sunny spells in between. Max 18°C.

Not much change into Friday, sunshine and showers but showers fewer and farther between. Not a bad day in all fairness. Max 18°C.

BOOM! A Bank Holiday Weekend. Yes we don’t get enough.

Saturday has the potential to be a reasonable day. Showers are possible but these should ease away into the afternoon. Otherwise sunny spells. Pleasant. Max 19°C.

Rain is expected to spread north as we enter Sunday. One to keep an eye on as the exact track of this rain is still uncertain. It could miss us to the east. Max 18°C.

Bank Holiday Monday looks a showery affair with bright spells thrown in. A little cooler too with winds from a northwesterly direction. Max 17°C.

Beyond Monday the weather looks to settle down a little but cooler with a northerly breeze and some chilly nights. Sunny spells by day though and mainly dry.

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Thursday 20th August 2015 – Sunday 23rd August 2015

Hi all,

Some humid weather coming up but with it some more rainfall. No sign of anything settled, dry and very warm for most of what’s left of August. I’m still thinking September will see an Indian Summer-like spell. 

We aren’t too bad during Thursday. Bright or sunny spells and feeling warmer. Not only warmer but humid and muggy at times. Some showers can’t be ruled out. Max 21°C.

Remaining humid into Friday after a very mild night. Showers more likely, some could be on the heavy side. Max 21°C.

So what for the weekend? It’s certainly a tough one to forecast even now. Saturday should start with bright spells but showers will move up from the southwest and even a thundery one can’t be ruled out. Humid at first but likely to be fresher later. Max 20°C

Possibly a promising start to Sunday. Bright spells for the morning but cloudier into the afternoon with rain and windy conditions spreading across the region. Details uncertain of timings so one to watch on Twitter. Max 18°C.

Next week looks unsettled to start, with rain and heavy showers. The week doesn’t seem to change much beyond that. 

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Thursday 13th August 2015 – Sunday 16th August 2015

Hi all,
We are quietly moving through August and closer to the end of the meteorological summer with no notable “heatwaves” or prolonged settled spells to rave about. So what can we expect in the coming days? 

Currently the Met Office has issued a Severe Weather Warning for later on Thursday and overnight into Friday for prolonged, heavy bursts of rain and possible thunderstorms. Summer, hey? I do have a feeling, and it’s just a feeling, that we will see an Indian Summer-like spell in September.

Thursday will be warm and becoming humid. Bright spells during the morning but cloud increasing throughout the day, maybe with a late-afternoon sharp shower. Heavy rain with possible thunderstorms later on and overnight. Watch out for updates on Twitter. A muggy max of 21°C.

Friday looks a cloudy affair with rain at times. This could be heavy early on, again with a risk of thunder. Drier weather towards late evening as the active system moves away northwards. Fresher. Max 17°C

Saturday sees a return to cooler conditions with bright spells. Some scattered showers possible. A westerly airflow back in charge so only a max of 16°C. 

Not much change into Sunday. Cool for August with bright spells. It will feel pleasant in any sunshine but we still run the risk of the odd shower. Max 17°C

Looking ahead I don’t see any sign of significant heat. This, as per previous weeks, looks likely to be confined to the south-eastern part of the UK should any arise. For us, changeable and temperatures just about average. 

July 2015 Stats: Warmest 30.4°C (1st); Coldest 7.2°C (31st); Wettest 9.4mm (28th); Windiest 33mph (5th); Total Rainfall 67.8mm. 

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Thursday 6th August 2015 – Sunday 9th August 2015

Hi all,

Sorry it’s late today. But here’s your 4-day outlook and a brief look at next week. 

Not a bad day on Thursday. Cloudy during the morning with some drizzle especially so on the hills but cloud should break up nicely and a day of sunny spells awaits. Feeling warmer and less breezy. Max 18°C.

Friday has the potential to remain dry. Sunny spells. Cloud will build later with a chance of shower but very isolated. Feeling warm again with light winds. Max 19°C.

The weekend sees Saturday as the better day. Sunny spells and dry. Feeling pleasant and with UV levels still quite high a chance to have a day in the garden. Max 20°C.

A weather system pushes in from the west on Sunday. A bright start but clouding over with some light rain possible during the day but not a washout. Feeling a little humid. Max 20°C.

Looking ahead; Monday looks wet with some rain especially to the north. But as the week goes on, as mentioned on Twitter, high pressure builds in. Drier weather with warmer temperatures and sunny spells develop. Likely to last 3 days. 

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