Thursday 6th August 2015 – Sunday 9th August 2015

Hi all,

Sorry it’s late today. But here’s your 4-day outlook and a brief look at next week. 

Not a bad day on Thursday. Cloudy during the morning with some drizzle especially so on the hills but cloud should break up nicely and a day of sunny spells awaits. Feeling warmer and less breezy. Max 18°C.

Friday has the potential to remain dry. Sunny spells. Cloud will build later with a chance of shower but very isolated. Feeling warm again with light winds. Max 19°C.

The weekend sees Saturday as the better day. Sunny spells and dry. Feeling pleasant and with UV levels still quite high a chance to have a day in the garden. Max 20°C.

A weather system pushes in from the west on Sunday. A bright start but clouding over with some light rain possible during the day but not a washout. Feeling a little humid. Max 20°C.

Looking ahead; Monday looks wet with some rain especially to the north. But as the week goes on, as mentioned on Twitter, high pressure builds in. Drier weather with warmer temperatures and sunny spells develop. Likely to last 3 days. 

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Thanks for reading. 


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