Thursday 27th August 2015 – Bank Holiday Monday 31st August 2015

Hi all,

Summer is almost over and soon we will be scraping the windscreen of the car of morning frost. I think you will all agree, summer was poor but we have an August Bank Holiday to enjoy first; so what’s in store?

Thursday will be a day of sunshine and showers. A keen southwesterly breeze blowing showers through the region throughout the day with sunny spells in between. Max 18°C.

Not much change into Friday, sunshine and showers but showers fewer and farther between. Not a bad day in all fairness. Max 18°C.

BOOM! A Bank Holiday Weekend. Yes we don’t get enough.

Saturday has the potential to be a reasonable day. Showers are possible but these should ease away into the afternoon. Otherwise sunny spells. Pleasant. Max 19°C.

Rain is expected to spread north as we enter Sunday. One to keep an eye on as the exact track of this rain is still uncertain. It could miss us to the east. Max 18°C.

Bank Holiday Monday looks a showery affair with bright spells thrown in. A little cooler too with winds from a northwesterly direction. Max 17°C.

Beyond Monday the weather looks to settle down a little but cooler with a northerly breeze and some chilly nights. Sunny spells by day though and mainly dry.

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Thanks for reading.


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