Thursday 20th August 2015 – Sunday 23rd August 2015

Hi all,

Some humid weather coming up but with it some more rainfall. No sign of anything settled, dry and very warm for most of what’s left of August. I’m still thinking September will see an Indian Summer-like spell. 

We aren’t too bad during Thursday. Bright or sunny spells and feeling warmer. Not only warmer but humid and muggy at times. Some showers can’t be ruled out. Max 21°C.

Remaining humid into Friday after a very mild night. Showers more likely, some could be on the heavy side. Max 21°C.

So what for the weekend? It’s certainly a tough one to forecast even now. Saturday should start with bright spells but showers will move up from the southwest and even a thundery one can’t be ruled out. Humid at first but likely to be fresher later. Max 20°C

Possibly a promising start to Sunday. Bright spells for the morning but cloudier into the afternoon with rain and windy conditions spreading across the region. Details uncertain of timings so one to watch on Twitter. Max 18°C.

Next week looks unsettled to start, with rain and heavy showers. The week doesn’t seem to change much beyond that. 

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Thanks for reading. 


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