Thursday 9th February 2017 – Sunday 12th February 2017

Hi all,

As predicted in the last blog, colder weather with winds from the East is on its way.

As for snow, read on.

Thursday: The colder weather is now upon us with a frosty start. Variable cloud and dry with any bright spells to the west. Feeling very cold with a nagging breeze which might bring some snow flurries. Frosty later and some icy stretches where wintry showers have fallen. Max 3°C


A subzero windchill over the coming days – several layers needed

Friday: Feeling raw with a bitter, easterly wind and some snow flurries or snow grains in the air. Some bright spells, if any, favoured further west. Frost overnight. Max 2°C but some places in the hills not getting above freezing.

A cold weekend ahead as the easterly flow persists and this could bring snow.


Sleet & snow spreading in from the East Saturday evening into Sunday morning

Saturday: Another mostly cloudy day and cold. Later into the evening and overnight a weather system will come in from the North Sea and move westward bringing some snow inland. Some low-lying areas might see rain or sleet. Certainly one to watch. Max 4°C

Sunday: Don’t be surprised to wake up to see a covering of snow especially in areas above 200M. Any rain, sleet or snow should ease away leaving a drier day with bright spells. Becoming less cold later in the day. Max 5°C


Milder from the S or SE early next week, especially on Tuesday

Looking ahead: We lose the freezing, easterly feed so it will become milder and any lying snow will melt quickly. Mostly dry with bright spells and overnight frosts.

I’ve compared this winter so far, to last winter. It just shows how very wet last winter was.

1st Dec-7th Feb


Av. Temp 7.1°C
Rain 371.6mm
Wet Days 62
Dry Days 7


Av. Temp 5.5°C
Rain 145.4mm
Wet Days 49
Dry Days 20


Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 8th of February 2017 at 12:05
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