Thursday 9th October – Sunday 12th October


We are well and truly in Autumn’s grasp now and it’s not letting go.

Thursday will see any bright or sunny spells during the morning short-lived. Heavy showers are likely to spread in soon and last into the afternoon with possible hail or thunder. Windy. Highs of 14°C.

Not a bad day on Friday with sunny spells and some scattered showers. Risk of some prolonged rain overnight. Highs of 15°C.

Saturday sunshine and showers, some heavy but less windy so feeling milder. Highs of 15°C.

Sunshine and showers again on Sunday, some heavy and slow-moving but scattered so not everyone catching one. Highs of 14°C.

Next week continues unsettled with rain and wind expected at times so remaining autumnal after a drier better Monday.

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