Thursday 16th October – Sunday 19th October


After a record-breaking dry September we are making up for it in October as Autumn continues to make its mark.

Thursday could start wet after overnight rain which clears to give bright spells and later on we could see the odd heavy, possibly thundery, shower break out especially into the evening. Feeling milder with southerly winds. Highs of 16°C.

Friday sees a day of sunny spells with some scattered heavy showers. With a very mild southerly flow across the country we could see highs of 17°C so nice in any sunshine but breezy. Rain expected later on and into the night.

Early rain on Saturday then it will be mild and windy with some showers expected. Feeling very pleasant in the brightness sheltered from the wind. Highs of 19°C.

Bright spells on Sunday but showers likely as well. Still temperatures above average and breezy. Highs of 17°C.

We see a more westerly flow next week so temperatures eventually lowering back to more normal October levels with sunshine and showers. Still breezy at times.

September 2014 Stats: Warmest 21.2°C (16th); Coldest 6.2°C (22nd); Wettest 4.6mm (23rd); Windiest 23mph (26th); Total Rainfall 14.6mm (Exceptionally dry).

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