Thursday 30th October – Sunday 2nd November

Issued: Wednesday 29th October at 12:00

Hi all,

After a cooler Wednesday the milder air returns.

The rain we had on Tuesday moves back north on Thursday introducing milder weather but also dull, cloudy conditions with some rain at times, easing later with some brighter spells. Breezy. Highs of 16°C.

Very mild southerly winds in charge on Friday, with rain trying to edge in from the west. Mainly cloudy during the day but it looks likely some warm brightness may push up from the south. It could well be the warmest trick-or-treat day for 25 years. Highs of 18°C but breezy.

Windy on Saturday and generally cloudy. More rain pushes in from the west as the day progresses but again still relatively mild. Highs of 15°C.

Not much change into Sunday. Breezy with some occasional rain from the west but a chance of some brightness later on. Cooler later. Highs of 14°C.

A brief change next week as it turns a little colder for a few days with some chilly nights and temperatures close to single-figures. Doesn’t last long though as milder air returns.

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