Thursday 4th July – Sunday 7th July


After my little rant last week about “Where’s our summer?”, the answer is, it’s coming! As we progress through the weekend and into next week it will warm up nicely with some decent temperatures and summery weather.

Thursday will see another showery day, as a frontal system moves through the region. Any early rain will turn showery and these showers should die away by evening as the weather starts to settle down and we see some sunny spells in the afternoon. A brisk westerly breeze. Highs of 18’C.

Friday will see a much better day and it will probably be the best of the week so far. It might start a little cloudy but soon brighter with some sunny spells by the afternoon, which will help lift the temperatures. Highs of 19’C.

Saturday will see winds fall light and temperatures start to rise further, as we see a day of sunny spells and dry weather with maybe some high cloud. Feeling very pleasant and warmer with highs of 22’C.

Sunday might see some stubborn cloud around early on, but this will hopefully burn off to leave a dry day with some good sunny spells and it will start to feel very warm. Highs of 24’C.

Looking ahead, the dry, settled and very warm weather looks set to continue as high pressure dominates. We could be seeing some hot weather at times with highs of 27’C into early next week but the humidity may increase making it muggy and a bit uncomfortable to sleep at night.

To keep up to date with the pending “heatwave”, follow Jon, @ChadWeather on Twitter.

June 2013 Day Stats: Warmest: 23.5’C; Coldest: 5.9’C; Wettest: 17.8mm; Windiest: 38mph.

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