Thursday 10th October – Sunday 13th October


Finally the above average temperatures and very mild feel to October has left us as we feel our first autumn chill.

Thursday will be a brighter day than Wednesday with sunny spells and just maybe the odd shower around. Despite the brightness it will be feeling cold especially in the strong north to north-easterly winds. Highs of only 10’C and cold overnight with a touch of ground frost in places.

Friday will start cold after probably the coldest night for over 4 months but the day should be dry with bright spells. Still feeling cold with a north-easterly breeze and just maybe a rogue shower to the east. Another cold night to follow. Highs of 11’C.

The weekend does promise to be mainly dry but increasingly cloudy and still with a keen wind making it feel cold.

Saturday dawns chilly and some sheltered parts may see some early mist or fog patches then a day of bright spells follows and generally dry across the region but possibly more cloudy later on. Highs of 12’C.

Sunday should be similar to Saturday but there is a chance that eastern areas are more cloudy with a threat of showery rain. Otherwise, bright spells, dry and feeling cold. Highs of 12’C.

Next week looks to remain cool with bright spells.

September 2013 Stats: Warmest: 23.8’C; Coldest: 6.3’C; Wettest Day: 14.6mm; Windiest: 39mph; Total Rainfall: 46.2mm.

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