Thursday 31st May 2018 – Sunday 3rd June 2018

Hi all,

Well what a month May has been! We’ve had decent weather for the majority of the month, with plenty of sunshine and drier-than-average conditions. I will tweet the statistics on Friday. Long may it continue I say, although I suspect we will pay for this in the coming “summer” months. Speaking of summer. Meteorologically-speaking that is, it starts on Friday!

Thursday: Mostly cloudy to start but some sunny spells will break through. It will be warm and humid with a chance of a shower early and also, which is more likely, later in the day. Perhaps a localised thunderstorm into the evening. Max 22°C

Friday: Early bright spells will be replaced by heavy, possibly thundery showers moving up from the south. Some will catch them, some will again miss out. Still feeling muggy. Max 22°C

Weekend: A lot of cloud to start but remaining warm. Sunnier later, as high pressure builds again.

Saturday: Bright spells developing in some places and it should remain dry after any early-morning showers clear. Feeling a little fresher. Max 20°C

Sunday: A bit warmer again with sunny spells developing quite widely and dry. Max 22°C

Looking ahead: The set-up stays the same. Warm and sometimes muggy air with some thunderstorms drifting over from France.

Outlook: Remaining warm, temperatures hovering between the high-teens and early 20s. We will also see plenty of sunny spells but with the risk of a few thundery downpours drifting up from the south-east. With low pressure over France feeding up some these downpours over the coming days, they could be disruptive, so stay tuned on Twitter for updates.

Remember at this time of year the sun is as strong as early-July, UV levels are HIGH at 7, so apply sun-cream if you’re planning to be out in it for a while, otherwise you will burn regardless of what the temperature is.

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Forecast Issued at 7:20pm on Wednesday the 30th of May 2018

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