Thursday 5th February – Sunday 8th February


The outlook is showing little variance as high pressure takes control and we slip into a settled period of weather and remain cold. Frost and fog is likely but how foggy and how hard the frosts are, is dependent on cloud-cover as more cloud slips into and around the high pressure from the northwest.

Bright or sunny spells and light winds on Thursday. Cold with a frost early and late especially where skies are clear the longest. Chance of an isolated wintry shower especially to the east. Max 5°C.

Friday cold with overnight patchy frost and bright spells during the day. Likely to see more cloud. Max 5°C.

Saturday and Sunday are very similar. Some clear spells mean a frosty or foggy start to both days and overnight. During the day will see a lot of variable cloud which on Saturday might produce some drizzle. Most areas will be generally cloudy but some sunny spells can’t be ruled out; so hit and miss. Max 5-6°C.

Looking ahead high pressure remains in control which keeps us chilly with a lot of cloud and fog patches. Later in the week, it becomes slowly milder but still a mainly dry picture throughout.

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