Thursday 7th December 2017 – Sunday 10th December 2017

Hi all,

Apologies for the delay today I’ve been exploring the Manchester Christmas Markets and of course the food and beer. So then, a lot of hype this week about colder weather coming and whether it will snow or not and if yes, then how much and where, etc. etc. Interesting times ahead, tricky forecasting times ahead and one thing for sure, cold times ahead. Brrrrr.

Thursday: Storm Caroline brings early heavy, perhaps squally rain, which clears quickly. It will be windy and after a very mild start it will become colder and colder. Sunny spells will arrive with the Arctic air then showers will get going later into the afternoon which will start to turn wintry. Later in the evening and overnight sleet and snow showers will push down from the northwest on a stiff, bitterly cold wind. Don’t be surprised to see a covering of snow on Friday morning. Max 11°C occurring in the morning falling to 6°C by mid-afternoon.


Snow showers pushing down on a bitter NW’ly wind on Thursday night into Friday

Friday: Sleet and snow showers will become confined to western parts and most of us will enjoy some sunshine. It will feel very cold with a significant wind-chill. Max 2°C but feeling more like -3°C. Frost settling in overnight.

Weekend: Plenty of sunshine then a chance of snow.

Saturday: Frosty early and late with sunny spells during the day. Just a chance of a wintry shower to the west where it could be cloudier. Max 4°C

A chance of snow arriving from the southwest on Sunday but details far from certain

Sunday: A forecasters’ nightmare at the moment and be aware things could change. The current model output suggests a dry start but very cold with temperatures close to freezing. Rain coming in from the west or southwest towards midday will engage with the cold air and turn to snow. Some heavy snow looks possible but details at this stage are not certain, i.e. the band of rain/snow could stay away further south, so look out for further updates this week on Twitter. Low-lying areas (under 100M) more prone to sleet but travel disruption could occur in locations above this height. Max 2°C

Outlook: It will remain cold or very cold for the foreseeable with night frosts. There is another chance of snow on Thursday but again details can only be firmed up nearer the time. The cold spell is here to stay.

So to summarise we have a good chance of some snow Thursday into early Friday and also on Sunday.

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Forecast issued at 9:50pm on Wednesday the 6th of December 2017


Thursday 17th November 2016 – Sunday 20th November 2016

Hi all,

A bit of a late posting today, but I’m finally here with the usual weekly outlook on what our weather’s going to throw at us. It’s certainly not going to disappoint this week.

Thursday: Cold and windy. Showers of rain and possibly hail and thunder. Some sleet for the hills. There is a chance of more prolonged rain during the morning. 6°C

**There is a possibility that wintry showers will merge together to bring a spell of sleet or snow overnight on Thursday, especially above 200M. One to keep an eye on via my tweets**

Possibilities of some localised sleet and snow overnight Thursday and into Friday morning. Above 200M most at risk.

Friday: Possibly a wintry start as mentioned, then feeling quite bitter with a stiff northwesterly wind and some wintry showers. Sunny spells during the day mixed in with those showers. Showers dying away overnight leading to a frost. 5°C

Heavy rain arrives on Sunday, preceded by Pennine-snow?

Saturday: Frosty start, then a typical pleasant, autumnal day. Sunny spells, just the odd wintry shower but with lighter winds it won’t feel as cold as previous days. 6°C

Sunday: Another cold start with a touch of frost. Cloud soon thickening and the wind increasing as heavy rain, possibly preceded by hill-snow for a time, moves in from the south-west. There is a good deal of uncertainty about how strong the winds could be and how heavy the rain will be so keep your eyes on my tweets. A cold raw feeling day. 7°C

Looking ahead and it’s set to stay cold with unsettled conditions close by. 

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Forecast issued Wednesday 16th November at 18:30.