Thursday 9th January – Sunday 12th January

Hi All,

Happy New Year. Hope you had a great Christmas break.

So we are in January and still no sign of any snowfall but hopefully conditions will turn colder as we head towards mid-month. The signs are certainly showing colder conditions so fingers crossed.

Thursday will start will showery rain. Some heavy bursts. This will slowly ease during the day. Still mild but a chilly breeze. Highs of 8’C.

A chilly start on Friday. Maybe some ice and frost around. Bright skies replaced later on by cloud and rain from the west. However the rain should be patchy and light. Highs of 7’C.

Friday’s patchy rain will have eased by Saturday and we can expect a drier day with bright spells. Feeling a little colder, highs of 5’C.

Sunday also looks to be a bright day with drier conditions after a chilly frosty start. However, towards the evening we can expect rain to return from the south-west. Highs of 5’C.

December 2013 Stats: Warmest: 12.6’C; Coldest: 0.4’C; Wettest Day: 10.6mm; Windiest: 55mph; Total Rainfall: 70.4mm.

To keep up to date with your local weather follow, Jon, @ChadWeather on Twitter.


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