Thursday 8th September 2016 – Sunday 11th September 2016

Hi all,

Autumn is here but it’s been a muggy week, so what’s in the forecast for the next four days.

Thursday: A very mild start and any brightness will be replaced by cloud and some localised patchy rain. This is a cold front so once it clears the afternoon will be brighter with sunny spells. It will then be fresher and cooler. Max 19°C

Friday: Breezy with sunny spells. With south-westerly winds it will still be warm. Heavy showers are likely just about anywhere from the afternoon onwards. Max 20°C


A spell of rain to start Saturday

Saturday: Cloudy with rain during the morning with some heavy bursts. A brighter and sunnier afternoon is expected as the rain clears and a little ridge of high pressure builds in. Cooler and breezy. Max 17°C

Sunday: Bright spells and breezy with the wind picking up during the day. Some showery rain likely to come in from the west later in the evening. Max 18°C

Looking ahead: Quite breezy with sunshine and some showers. I can’t see anything significantly warm or wet on the horizon. I wonder when our first cold spell will arrive and with it, our first frost.

As always, our weather is ever-changing. Keep up-to-date with what’s in store by following my tweets via @ChadWeather on Twitter.

August 2016 Stats

Av. Temp 15.7°C
Max Temp 25.9°C (23rd)
Min Temp 8.5°C (9th)
Wettest Day 21.6mm (22nd)
Highest Gust 40mph (3rd)
Rainfall 81.0mm
Rainy Days 18


Forecast issued at 2:30pm on Wednesday 7th September 2016

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