Thursday 2nd April – Monday 6th April


It’s been a miserable few days with severe gales, 50mph+ gusts, well over an inch of rain, hail, hill-snow and rainbows. So what next? 

With the Easter break due we could do with some settled weather and to be fair it’s not a bad outlook. 

Thursday looks to start with some bright spells but cloud will increase into the afternoon but it should stay dry for most of the day. Some light rain is expected into the evening. Still cool but not as windy as recent days. Max 8°C

Good Friday looks to be wet with rain during the morning. This should slip away to the southeast as the afternoon progresses so a drier but still mainly cloudy end to the day. Max 9°C

Saturday will be a cloudy day but generally dry across the region. Chances of a shower early in the day should ease away. Any bright spells would feel pleasant but still not warm. Max 10°C

Similar into Sunday. Plenty of cloud around and mainly dry. Possibly a misty start in places too with hill-fog or low-cloud on the higher routes. Some sunny spells are possible during the day which would lift temperatures slightly. Max 12°C

Bank Holiday Monday looks dry and settled as high pressure, anchored to our south-west is slightly in charge of our weather. Temperatures not too bad in any bright spells but again it’s a mainly dry picture. Max 13°C

Outlook: Mainly cloudy with some bright spells. Feeling pleasant in any sunshine with temperatures into the low teens. Plenty of dry weather. 

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