Thursday 9th April – Sunday 12th April

Hi all,


After a lovely week of warm afternoons with pleasant sunny spells it’s set to become cooler again over the weekend so enjoy it while you can.

Thursday will be a lovely day and with more of a southerly breeze temperatures will climb. Dry with plenty of sunshine. UV levels quite high for April so suncream required if out all day. Max 18°C.


Another decent day on Friday with some hazy sunny spells & warm temperatures. It should remain dry, although with some more cloud possible later in the day, there is a low risk of a shower into the evening. With winds from France, temperatures up to 18°C again. 

Saturday throws a little hiccup into our settled warm spell. A front comes through from the west or northwest introducing more cloud and colder conditions. Some rain is possible Friday night into Saturday morning but not huge amounts then sunny spells. A little breezy and much cooler temperatures. Max 11°C.


As we enter Sunday we are likely to see some showers. Early indications suggested a drier and settled day but now it looks like the cool, unsettled conditions will win. Max 13°C.


Looking ahead the remainder of the week should be dry with high pressure close by. A sign the weather might become warmer from midweek before it breaks down into the weekend with rain and unsettled conditions arriving.


March 2015 Stats: Warmest 14.7°C; Coldest -0.9°C; Wettest 22.4mm; Windiest 50mph; Total Rainfall 106.2mm


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