Thursday 4th September – Sunday 7th September

Issued Wed 3rd September 11:30am

Hi all,

High pressure has now taken charge of our weather bringing plenty of settled conditions across the region but just not as much sun as we’d wish for.

Thursday will be bright and in spells of sunshine it will feel very pleasant for the time of year. Light winds and more general cloud later. Highs of 21°C.

Friday will be cloudy with some brightness. Dry and with winds shifting to a cooler northeasterly direction we can expect highs of 19°C.

As we enter the weekend with the gentle breeze from the northeast, we will see yet more cloud and at times thicker.

Saturday and Sunday look similar. A mainly cloudy affair with some brightness but in some places the cloud might be thick enough to see some light drizzle especially during Saturday morning. Highs around 18°C but if you do see some prolonged brightness then maybe a degree or two higher.

Looking ahead the settled theme continues but the risk of showers might not be too far away.

August 2014: Warmest 20.6°C; Coldest 6.7°C; Wettest 32.6mm; Windiest 36mph; Total Rainfall 136.2mm.

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