Thursday 28th August – Sunday 31st August


After a disappointing Bank Holiday the weather improved for a couple of days but it’s back to square one these next few days. For Thursday we see early rain then sunshine and afternoon showers. Highs of 19°C.

An area of low pressure is in charge now so Friday will see sunshine and showers with a keen wind. Some showers may merge to give longer spells of rain at times. Highs of 17°C.

It’s a slow, improving picture over the weekend.

Saturday will be a breezy day with bright spells and showers. Some heavy. Winds easing later. Highs of 18°C.

It looks drier as we head into Sunday so apart from the odd shower later on it will be a day of bright spells. Highs of 19°C.

Promising signs next week of plenty of dry weather as high pressure builds. Sunny spells across the region will see temperatures begin to rise so don’t put those BBQs away. Indian Summer?

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