Thursday 19th November 2015 – Sunday 22nd November 2015

Hi all,

It’s been a mild and very windy week with further rain and already two named-storms have crossed the UK. So what next? A blast from the north, that’s what. Snow? Maybe a little for some of us. 

Thursday will be a day of bright spells and the odd scattered shower. A much better day than recently. Still breezy and temperatures around average. Max 10°C.

A breezy day again on Friday and it will start to feel colder, especially later on. Some showery rain pushing south which could be a bit sleety over the hills. Max 8°C.

All change into the weekend as the air is dragged in from the Arctic. 

Colder still as we go into Saturday but with some sunny spells. There is a chance of some wintry showers of hail or snow later on and this could give a slight covering especially to the east and more likely on the higher ground. A cold day throughout with a biting subzero windchill. Clearing skies later overnight leads to a frostMax 4°C. 

Apart from a risk of a wintry shower on Sunday, the day looks generally dry with sunny spells after a frosty and maybe misty start. Cold again but less of a biting breeze than Saturday. Cloud amounts might increase later on. Max 5°C.

Looking into next week and it will become milder again with temperatures returning to 8-10°C with some showery rain at times. No sign of this weekend’s cold snap returning. 

To keep up to date with weather local to Oldham, Manchester and the surrounding areas follow @ChadWeather on Twitter. 

Thanks for reading. 


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