Thursday 10th September 2015 – Sunday 13th September 2015

Hi all,

We have been enjoying a decent spell of weather lately with light winds, pleasant sunny spells and more importantly dry. A couple more days to come but then the change to a more usual September pattern will begin.

Possibly a cloudy start to Thursday but with the breeze from a south-easterly direction we will drag in some drier air which will aid cloud breakages and more sunshine will follow. Plenty of sunshine arriving and although we will have a breeze it will feel warm. Max 20’C.

A similar day for Friday but a blustery wind. Remaining dry, plenty of sunshine and again we’ll see pleasant temperatures. Max 20’C

The weekend can only mean one thing. Rain returns.

A disappointing day on Saturday as we lose the dry and sunny weather. Rain spreads in from the west on a cool breeze with heavy showers following on behind. Max 17’C.

Sunday shouldn’t be too bad for most of the day. Bright spells and the odd shower during the day. However, more rain is due later in the day with breezy conditions. Cool. Max 16’C.

Looking ahead to next week and with the Jet Stream positioning itself back over us we can expect bands of showery rain throughout the week, as well as a cool and breezy set-up (see image, source

Low pressure and rain expected into next week.

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Thanks for reading.


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