Thursday 24th September 2015 – Sunday 27th September 2015

Hello all,

Not much going on lately on the weather front and we look to end the month on a static note. It’s likely October will provide a more lively autumnal feel. 

Thursday will be a breezy day across the region with showers. Some of these possibly heavy with a rumble of thunder. These showers become more scattered later in the day. Feeling cool. Max 14°C.

High pressure starts to build from the southwest into Friday. This will give us a day of bright spells after some early showers. Max 14°C.

The high pressure centres itself over the country over the weekend so plenty of dry weather. 

A chilly start to Saturday with local mist or fog patches. A day of sunny spells to follow and dry. Pleasant in the sunshine. Max 15°C.

Not much change into Sunday. Some of the mist/fog might be slow to clear in some places and lift into low cloud. Bright spells and again dry. Max 16°C but cooler where low cloud persists. 

Into next week it looks like the high pressure stays put bringing dry bright days and cold nights where skies remain clear. These clear skies will also bring the risk of mist, fog and ground frost. Temperatures should pick up slightly during the week. Later in the week there is some uncertainty whether the Jet Stream takes control and the settled weather gives way to showers or longer spells of rain. Only time will tell. 

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Thanks for reading. 


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