Thursday 5th March – Sunday 8th March 2015

Hi all,


After entering March on a wintry flavour it’s set to become milder.


Thursday will start bright with some sunny spells. The afternoon will be cloudier with some rain possible but not everywhere. Winds now from a south-westerly direction bringing milder air. Breezy. Max 10°C.


We struggle to shake off the cloud into Friday as well, with some patchy rain continuing in the morning under cloudy skies. I’m hopeful the afternoon brings more in the way of sunshine though. Max 11°C.


The start of the weekend will be even milder.


We are in the middle of two weather systems as we enter Saturday so generally cloudy with some occasional drizzle possible but hopefully staying away to the northwest. If this does then we can expect pleasant Spring sunshine. Max 13°C or even a 14°C.


Expect a day of some bright spells early on, on Sunday but also a lot of variable cloud. Rain can’t be ruled out later into the afternoon. Mild but a little cooler. Max 12°C.


Looking ahead it looks more settled but temperatures likely to drop back to the norm.


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