Thursday 19th March – Sunday 22nd March

Hi all,


Thursday looks a reasonable day after a chilly start with a lot of dry weather around and some sunny spells developing in places. With light winds it will feel pleasant in any sunshine. Max 10°C.


We drag in a north-westerly wind into Friday bringing cloud and although some places might stay dry we can’t rule out some spots of rain; not good news for the partial eclipse although there is a chance of broken cloud early on. It will feel colder in the breeze. Max 9°C.


So what does the weekend hold? High pressure builds slightly on Saturday so a day of settled weather but a lot of variable cloud. Generally dry but we can’t rule out some local drizzle especially to higher ground. It will feel cool again as we have a fresh northerly breeze. Max 8°C.


Sunday sees a battle of high pressure versus fronts from the Atlantic trying to push in. The drier weather should hold out for most of the day with any bright spells being replaced with thicker cloud from the west. Eventually the fronts win and rain looks likely overnight into Monday. Max 9°C.


Looking ahead we start the week with cold north-westerly winds with some rain. After possibly a drier slot midweek, more rain or showers arrive.


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