Reigate March 2014 weather summary

Superb read. Wish I had the time to create a similar report. I’m saving pennies for the UV sensor to go on my VP2. ūüėĄ

Reigate Grammar School Weather Station

March 2014 was a contrast to last year.  The March average Reigate temp in 2014 was a warm balmy 8.7c, while 2013 it was only 3.5c.  March 2013 was cold, frosty and snowy, while March 2014 was warm and mostly dry and with good spells of sunshine.  March was also a welcome break from the winter storms as the jetstream broke up and meandered weakly north and south of the UK, rarely bringing in purposeful storms.

Like Reigate. the March Central England Temperature is 2c above the long term average at 7.6c.  This follows Jan and Feb 2014 being around 2c above average too.  This makes 2014 a significantly warm year so far for the UK.  Should these anomalies continue 2014 would be several degrees above average, making it a contender to be the warmest year on record.  However, this is extremely uncertain because we have a long way to…

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