Thursday 19th September – Sunday 22nd September


September is here and what a miserable weather week it has been. Another wet day to come but then it’s nothing but improvement.

Thursday will see rain spread in from the west turning showery later in the afternoon and then drying up. Another chilly and breezy day. Highs of 14’C.

Friday may see a chilly start with some stubborn low cloud or mist. It will be a generally cloudy day but don’t rule out some bright spells and it should remain dry. Highs 16’C.

A cold start Saturday with some mist around. Some rurals spots may start at 3-4’C but soon warming up and a day of sunny spells awaits. Highs a better 18’C. Another chilly night to follow.

Sunday looks set to be another decent even summer-like day after a possible grey start with low cloud. This will burn off and a dry day is in store with some late-September warm sunny spells. I’m planning a BBQ as we could see highs touching 20’C. A huge improvement on last Tuesday’s high of 10’C.

Looking ahead it seems we will have a week of reasonably warm summery weather with chilly nights and generally dry with some decent sunshine.

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