Thursday 26th September – Sunday 29th September

We’ve had the odd summery-like weather day in the past week, but it looks like we may see something more unsettled later this weekend and into next week.

Thursday looks like being a generally cloudy day but some brightness is possible later in the day. There is a risk of drizzle too, especially on higher ground but most areas should remain dry. Muggy. Highs 16’C.

Friday is set to be a dry and brighter day hopefully with sunny spells and feeling less muggy. Highs 18’C.

As we enter the weekend we will see it try to turn unsettled.

Saturday should see a bright morning followed by more extensive cloud later as rain tries to make its way in from the south-west. Hopefully most areas will stay dry during daylight hours but don’t rule out some showery rain later. Highs of 17’C.

Sunday may see rain or showery conditions at times. However, this is still uncertain so don’t be surprised to see a cloudy day with some brighter spells. Highs of 17’C.

Next week looks like being generally cloudy with some showers possible but it may settle down later. Temperatures remaining above average so we can’t complain as we head into October .

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