Thursday 17th July – Sunday 20th July

Issued at 11:30am on Wednesday 16th July 2014

Hi all,

So the temperature has begun to rise and so has the humidity. But as per the norm in the UK, it won’t last and could end with a bang or two of thunder!

As we go into Thursday expect sunny spells and it remaining dry in most places. A decent day but feeling noticeably humid. Very warm with highs of 24’C.

After a warm uncomfortable night, Friday will see the hottest day of the year so far. We will see more cloud in the morning and also more sultry air coming up from the south but with it, the risk of a thundery showers especially early on. Brighter later and hot. Highs of 28’C.

The weekend looks showery but less hot.

Saturday sees a risk, especially to the east, of heavy thundery showers breaking out with possible thunder and hail. Bright spells can’t be ruled out, especially in the morning. Much cooler with highs of 22’C.

Similar on Sunday. Heavy but more scattered showers during the day with possible thunder again. In between, some warm bright spells. Highs of 22’C.

Looking ahead it remains warm with temperatures above average but with some scattered, heavy showers. There is a chance of another very warm spell coming up from the South.

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