Thursday 3rd July – Sunday 6th July


After a mixed bag last weekend and then a sunnier and warmer start to this week, the weather is again set to turn unsettled again after June 2014 was the driest month for 9 months.

After a very warm and lovely Wednesday, Thursday sees a change. A cloudy day with some patchy rain but not everywhere seeing some and it should be drier by evening. The breeze will also pick up. Highs of 19’C.

Into Friday it remains cloudy with rain slowly spreading across the region in the afternoon on a freshening noticeable wind. The rain is likely to become more persistent as the day progresses. Muggy with highs of 19’C.

Saturday sees any early rain clearing to a day of bright spells. Further showers can’t be ruled out as low pressure anchors close by. Feeling fresher. Still a cool breeze but easing slowly. Highs of 17’C.

On Sunday we can expect sunshine and some isolated heavy showers. These showers hopefully easing towards evening. Average temperatures with highs of 17’C.

Looking ahead sees a similar set-up with warm bright spells in between showers.

June 2014 Stats: Warmest: 23.1’C (18th); Coldest: 5.7’C (6th); Wettest: 12.8mm (7th); Windiest: 29mph (10th); Total Rainfall: 49.2mm.

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