Thursday 26th June – Sunday 29th June


Although we didn’t experience a heat wave recently, we have certainly enjoyed a long spell of warm weather with reasonable amounts of sunshine. The weather is now set to become more unsettled with occasional rain returning.

Thursday looks a generally cloudy day with some sunny spells. Cloud coming and going. It should remain dry. Highs of 18’C.

Heading into Friday low pressure takes charge and a showery day is expected with some of the showers heavy and slow-moving later. It will feel cooler with an easterly wind. Highs of 16’C.

The weekend looks a lot different to recent ones with some showers and a cooler feel to the weather.

On Saturday we can expect bright spells but also showers on and off, some heavy with possible thunder. Highs of 16’C.

We end the weekend with Sunday showing little change. Bright spells and some showers. Highs around average at 17’C.

We are still in June and in any sunshine we do see, it will feel pleasant at times.

Looking ahead the showery, more unsettled theme continues.

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