Thursday 27th March – Sunday 30th March


Although nowhere near as cold and snowy as this time last year, we are experiencing some chilly days and nights. Good news. The weekend looks warmer.

Thursday starts with the odd shower around after a night of wintry showers. The day looks bright and dry for time before more scattered heavy showers appear into the afternoon and evening. Cold wind. Highs of 8’C

Friday looks mainly cloudy and light showers at times can’t be ruled out. A little brighter towards the east. Slowly becoming milder later in the evening. Highs of 9’C.

I’m not promising wall-to-wall sun this weekend, but certainly a warmer feel to our weather.

Saturday will be less cold and generally dry. Bright spells and for any areas seeing longer spells of sunshine the highs could be 14’C.

No frost worries and Sunday sees sunny spells and with temperatures a little higher. Low risk of a shower into the afternoon especially in hillier areas otherwise a pleasantly warm day with highs of 16’C.

Looking ahead temperatures will stay steady with dry spells and the odd shower.

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