Thursday 13th March – Sunday 16th March

Finally! A high pressure, the first since December, arrived and took a hold of our weather to give us settled conditions and some decent periods of sunshine. I hope you’ve all taken advantage, but how long will it last?

Thursday looks to dawn misty and foggy across the region. This will lift into stubborn cloud that may take some time to clear. Once cleared we will see sunny skies again and it will remain dry and feeling pleasant. Highs of 14’C.

Fog or mist will return to some parts Thursday night and therefore Friday will dawn overcast in places. This cloud is likely to be harder to clear so any sunny spells will not filter through until later in the day. Highs of 13’C but areas that stay under the cloud may struggle to 9’C.

The weekend promised to be dry but it could be frustrating as we drag cloud in on a more noticeable north-westerly breeze.

Saturday looks cooler than recently and with more cloud and breezy. Some breaks in the cloud will allow for sunny spells to develop, these more likely to the east of the region but still limited. With the cloud-cover maximums will sit around 11’C.

On Sunday there is more chance of the cloud breaking up more; to give longer sunny spells and temperatures will respond. Remaining dry with highs of 14’C where we see the sunshine but only 11’C if you sit under cloud for most of the day.

Looking ahead into next week; after some rain possible on Monday the week looks quite settled with some brightness. Showers towards the weekend become a threat as the high pressure starts to slip away. Temperatures around normal for March.

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