Thursday 5th June – Sunday 8th June

As of: 14:00 Wednesday 4th June


So May has been and gone and did offer us a few nice warm days, but overall it was very wet with above average rainfall. So now we are in the Meteorological summer what can we expect? Showery and quite warm probably sums it up best.

Thursday morning sees some rain and cloud left over from Wednesday which will eventually ease and break. We might see some brighter spells later on and warmer than Wednesday. Highs of 16’C.

During Friday we should see some warm, bright spells but also turning humid as winds turn southerly. This humidity might produce an evening shower. Highs of 20’C.

The weekend looks a showery affair and initially humid.

Saturday continues with the showery theme. Scattered heavy showers, with possible hail or thunder but also with some bright spells. Some torrential rain is possible. Highs of 19’C and feeling muggy.

Sunday more of the same, showers, some heavy across the region but these should ease away. Again, some bright spells and feeling humid at first, with highs at 19’C, although it should start to feel fresher.

Looking ahead the showery spell continues but if winds turn to a more southerly direction again then possibly we could see something warmer later. We’ll see.

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May 2014 Stats: Av. Max Temp: 15.0’C; Warmest: 23.4’C (19th); Coldest: 1.5’C (3rd); Wettest: 18.2mm (10th); Windiest: 33mph (9th); Total Rainfall: 119.2mm (above average).


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