Thursday 26th January 2017 – Sunday 29th January 2017

Hi all,

It is looking like January is going to finish overall, as a calm, cold and dry month. Perhaps February will offer something more ‘lively’ or even snowy? Looking ahead the first week of February does indeed look windier and wetter but no sign of snow. As always, time will tell.


A wetter and windier theme as we enter February?

Thursday: We drag in some of the very cold air that has been stationed across Europe, so it will feel bitter. Mostly cloudy and we can’t rule out the odd snow flurry. Some brightness here and there especially later. A harsh southeasterly wind leading to a significant wind-chill. Plenty of layers needed. It could be the coldest day for up to 2 years. Max 1°C


A low wind-chill on Thursday making it feel like -5°C

Friday: A cold start but becoming slightly milder later and nowhere near as cold as yesterday. Remaining breezy so it will feel chilly in that wind. Mostly dry and cloudy with limited bright spells. Max 5°C

Saturday: Likely to see some rain in the form of showers at some point, especially into the afternoon . Winds a little lighter. Max 7°C

Sunday: The best day of the weekend. Sunny spells and with light winds it shouldn’t feel too bad. Dry. Max 7°C


Our next named-storm for early February? #StormDoris

Looking ahead: There is a reasonable chance that the Jet Stream will kick into gear into February so expect wind and rain. As always, keep up to date on Twitter by following @ChadWeather.


Forecast Issued: Wednesday 25th of January 2017 at 13:15


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