Slowly becoming settled – Thursday 3rd September 2020 – Sunday 6th September 2020

Hi all,

Meteorological Summer is done and the statistics on how it compared to previous summers will be published later this week. Some hot days in there but also plenty of rain and reasonably breezy.

Thursday: A mild start and cloudy with some patchy rain. Sunny spells developing during the day with just the odd shower. Breezy but warm. Max 19°C

Friday: Not a bad day with bright or sunny spells. Breezy and the odd passing shower. A little cooler. Max 17°C

Weekend: Some showers.

Saturday: Breezy with bright spells and a few showers coming in on the west-to-northwest wind. Feeling a little cool at times. Max 16°C

Sunday: Little change, bright spells, passing showers and breezy. Max 17°C

Outlook: High pressure to our southwest so generally settled for a few days with quite cloudy skies. Some bright spells and mostly dry. No sign of any early-Autumn warmth or chill.

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Thanks as ever for reading and I hope you all had an enjoyable Summer.



Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 2nd of September 2020 at 3:20pm.

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