Thursday 19th July 2018 – Sunday 22nd July 2018

Hi all,

We have slipped out of the heatwave but still enjoying some warm to very warm temperatures. Although we’ve had some welcome rain, the weather has been kind with mostly dry conditions and sunny spells.

We have a hosepipe ban on the horizon and it doesn’t surprise me with the heatwave, lack of rain and wildfires. In fact, looking at the statistics, out of the last 11 completed months, 8 of them have delivered below average rainfall. The months that did deliver above average rainfall, didn’t exactly over do it either. A green arrow indicates rainfall above average. Normally green wouldn’t be the right colour to use but for this it is. Most of the recent months in 2018 have been exceptionally dry.

rainfall stats

Actual rainfall amounts vs. average amounts since August 2017


Thursday: A lovely day. Very warm with sunny spells and mainly dry for all. Max 24°C

Friday: A bright start but soon cloudy with patchy rain moving southeast across the region into the afternoon with perhaps some heavier bursts. It should turn drier during the evening after a few showers. Max 20°C

Weekend: Very warm, humid and bright.

Saturday: Quite cloudy at first but bright spells will break through. Feeling warm. Just a low chance of a shower. Max 22°C

Sunday: Bright or sunny spells and dry. Warmer. Max 24°C

Outlook: Hot early next week with temperatures in the mid-20s or just above. During the week there is a risk of a few showers breaking out but not a lot of rain on the way. Small chance of us picking up a southerly airflow bringing hotter conditions, one to watch.

Don’t forget sun-cream!

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday, July the 18th at 2:15pm.


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