Thursday 12th July 2018 – Sunday 15th July 2018

Hi all,

In general, the heatwave has continued across the UK over the last week, albeit with some less hot temperatures at times. We have also seen some more in the way of cloud but none of the much-needed rain. The last significant rain, 5.2mm, was on Saturday the 16th of June. We did have a few days after that with some early-morning drizzle and in fact the last day of measurable rainfall was on the 21st of June. Today marks the 20th day (assuming we don’t sneak an evening shower) without rain, beating the previous 19-day record set back in March 2013. But, could we finally see some rain later this week?

Thursday: Very warm with sunny spells. Becoming a bit more humid than recently and as the air turns a little more unstable, cloud will bubble up and there is a good chance of a beefy shower or two. Max 24°C

Friday: Humid with an increased risk of hefty showers or thunderstorms developing, catch one and it will be a very welcome torrential downpour. Sunny spells and feeling hot again. Max 25°C

Weekend: Hot and humid.

Saturday: Hot with sunny spells. Still the chance of an isolated downpour or thunderstorm but the risk will be significantly lower than yesterday. Breezy later. Max 26°C

Sunday: A band of cloud will push down from the northwest in the early hours. There could be some rain on it but it will be patchy in nature. This will soon fizzle out to bring sunny spells and hot and humid conditions. Max 27°C

Outlook: Ex-Hurricane Chris mixed in with the Jet Stream could mean we see a return to westerly winds and some showery rain, but this is very uncertain. There is a good chance it will bring this change to Scotland and Northern Ireland but we continue to be warm to very warm with conditions remaining mostly dry. Not good news as everywhere is parched. So in summary, next week seems to be bright or sunny spells with a few showers here and there and staying warm with temperatures in the 20s. Something to note is; there is a small chance that Chris darts south and in turn we import some very hot air from Spain, a Spanish Plume perhaps, so watch out for updates.

Don’t forget sun-cream!

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday, July the 11th at 2:15pm.


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