Thursday 4th December – Sunday 7th December


December is here and with it comes colder weather and the start of the meteorological winter but no snow event on the horizon.

Thursday will dawn with some patchy frost but with a little more cloud in places. A cloudy day is in prospect making it feel cold but some brightness too. Max 6°C, Min 1°C.

Going into Friday a cold front pushes down from the northwest introducing thicker cloud and with it some patchy rain and a little wintriness on the hills. Brighter later with the odd scattered wintry shower with hail possible. Some clear spells overnight will mean a slight frost and possible icy patches. Max 6°C, Min 0°C.

Saturday will start chilly but the day should be mainly dry with sunny spells and again cold. Patchy frost first part of the night soon replaced with cloud and rain. Max 6°C, Min 0°C.

Sunday doesn’t look as sunny as Saturday with showers which could be wintry on high ground with hail possible even to lower levels. Cold and breezy. Max 7°C, Min 2°C.

Looking ahead it looks unsettled and chilly with some windy weather and wintry showers.

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November 2014 Stats: Warmest 15.7°C; Coldest 0.3°C; Wettest 10.6mm; Windiest 32mph; Total Rainfall 54.0mm.


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