Thursday 22nd January – Sunday 25th January


It looks like the very cold spell is set to end.

Thursday will be a very cold day but settled. Mainly cloudy with some local sunny spells and apart from the odd flurry or patch of drizzle it will be dry. Highs of 3°C.

It’s all change as we head into Friday. Cloudy with some rain pushing in from the west which might be preceded by sleet or snow, on higher ground. Winds swing to a south-westerly and hence slowly introduce milder air. Further rain or showers likely into the evening and a thaw of current lying snow begins. Highs of 6°C.

A bit tricky as we head into the weekend. I’m expecting Saturday to be a day of sunny spells and showers. Some maybe wintry with hail or sleet. Maybe an overnight frost. Highs of 5°C.

Sunday looks more of a cloudy day. Any early brightness replaced as light rain comes in again from the west and milder once again. Highs of 8°C.

Looking ahead we get into the pattern we had a few weeks ago. Cold showery days with milder rainy days in between. Temperatures up one day and back down the next.

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