Thursday 25th June 2015 – Sunday 28th June 2015

Hello all,

The media are hinting at a heatwave again and this time, it does look like next week temperatures will rise especially across the southern and southeastern parts of the UK with values approaching 30°C possible. Parts of France and Spain will be into the 40s, so some serious heat around over Europe. 

Back home, what can we expect the over the next 4 days. 

Thursday will start cloudy with some hill-fog and with it feeling quite humid throughout the day. Bright spells should develop as the sun gets to work but more cloud into the evening is likely to bring some showery rain which sets up Friday’s weather. A muggy night. Max 19°C.

It is expected to be generally cloudy and feeling humid on Friday as showery rain spreads east. Behind it turning fresher into the evening. Max 19°C.

A ridge of high pressure sneaks in on Saturday so apart from some showers, especially early on; it will be fresher with bright spells at times. Max 18°C.

Any early brightness replaced by cloud and some showery rain on Sunday, mostly in the afternoon or evening. A little breezy. Max 18°C.

Still some uncertainty regarding next week but all eyes on warmer or even hotter air coming up from the south. Temperatures on the rise but how high we see them still hangs in the balance but we could approach 23-25°C. For updates on next week’s heat and your local weather updates follow @ChadWeather on Twitter. 

Thanks for reading. 


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