Thursday 30th June 2016 – Sunday 3rd July 2016

Hi all,

This summer isn’t shaping up too well is it? There is still time of course, but one thing it does highlight, is that the media/newspapers spout utter lies when they say a 3-month heatwave is coming. Since that article the weather has done the opposite 😄. They make the stories up, fact. 

After 2 days of rain Thursday shows signs of a little improvement. Bright spells with some showers. These might be a bit more prolonged later in the day. Max 17°C.

Windy with frequent heavy showers on Friday. We might have some thunder and lightning too. Feeling cold in the brisk westerly breeze. Max 16°C.

The breeze remains into Saturday as well as the showers. These should ease later in the day but even with some bright spells it won’t feel that warm for July. Max 16°C.

Sunday sees lighter winds but still with a lot of cloud and some showers. There is a risk of more prolonged rain from the southwest after lunch but this is still not certain. Max 17 C.

Looking ahead and a ridge of high pressure could build in from the southwest, briefly, so drier weather and a little bit warmer could be on the cards. Don’t get too excited though, no heatwave on the way. 

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Forecast Issued: 11:35 on Wednesday the 29th of June 2016

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