Thursday 7th July 2016 – Sunday 10th July 2016

Hi all,

Summer? Yep, still waiting. Of course, if there’s any sign of something worth baring your chest for, I’ll let you know via @ChadWeather. 

After a mild night it will be a cloudy day on Thursday with some rain around. Some heavier bursts at times then later turning more drizzly especially over the hills where we could see hill-fog. Max 18°C.

Not much change into Friday. Plenty of cloud with some showery outbreaks of light rain but it should dry up into the afternoon with drier slots possible. Starting to feel muggy as the southwesterly winds drag in humid air. Max 20°C.

Unusual for July a deep area of low pressure

An unsettled weekend ahead but warm. 

An area of deep low pressure, unusual for July, will dominate the weather on Saturday. Showers scattered around and a windy one. Feeling muggy and warm though, especially in any breaks in the cloud. Max 22°C.

Low pressure in charge means plenty of blustery showers on Sunday

A showery Sunday with blustery winds, especially during showers. Feeling fresher too. Max 18°C.

Looking ahead into next week and it can be described as sunshine & showers. No sign of a heatwave or prolonged sunshine. Temperatures about average. 

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Forecast Issued: 14:45 on Wednesday the 6th of July 2016. 

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