Thursday 23rd June 2016 – Sunday 26th June 2016

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Aren’t we supposed to be in a 3-month heatwave now and the hottest summer ever? Of course not, never ever believe the media who failed again last week claiming we would see cold Arctic winds with a risk of frost. Clowns. 
The weather’s not exactly doing much at the moment, unless you’re in the SE of England where you will see severe thunderstorms this evening and early on Thursday. 

Our Thursday will be a decent day. Warm sunny spells and dry. UV levels high so a decent day for sunbathing if you’re lucky enough to be off work. Quite muggy. Max 21°C.

Showers expected on Friday and Saturday

A change into Friday with a breezy day expected with showers at times. Max 17°C.

Not a washout this weekend as the showers slowly ease. 

We will continue to see some showers on Saturday and it should feel less muggy with the breeze coming from the northwest or west. Max 17°C.

Overall drier during the day on Sunday but with plenty of cloud. Some bright spells at times but cloud thicker later with some light rain late-evening or overnight. Max 17°C.

Next week sees a similar pattern to the weekend continuing. Some showers with drier, brighter slots. Temperatures look to remain at the same values.  

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Forecast Issued: 14:25 on Wednesday the 22nd of June 2016

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