Thursday 12th January 2017 – Sunday 15th January 2017

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Headline: Colder with snow for some of us.

Thursday: A very cold northwesterly wind in place which will bring some rain, hail, sleet & snow showers. Some of the snow will settle leading to tricky driving conditions with some ice later but this is expected to be in areas that are above 225M. You can reference the local elevation map or use the link to see what height you are above sea level. Max 3°C but feeling sub-zero in the wind.


A bitter Thursday with rain, hail, sleet and snow showers in the mix. Snow settled above 200-250M

Use this link to see exactly how many metres you are above sea level or for local locations see the image below.


Local locations with their height above sea level

Friday: Windy again with a brisk northerly airflow. Some more wintry showers around but they should be less frequent than what we saw on Thursday. Sunny spells in between the showers. Feeling very cold. Sharp frost overnight. Max 3°C

Saturday: Apart from the odd wintry shower, it looks mostly dry with sunny spells and a cold northerly or northwesterly breeze after a frosty start. It will turn frosty again later in the evening but it is likely to cloud over by morning.  Max 3°C


Milder air comes in from the NW during Sunday recovering temperatures

Sunday: There is still uncertainty about today but it seems that rain will topple in from the northwest which might, initially, fall as sleet or wet-snow on the higher routes. This weather front will also bring milder temperatures.  Max 6°C

Looking ahead: Mild initially but turning slowly colder from midweek with a chance of a cold easterly feed being established.

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Images:, and Oldham Council.

Forecast issued at 16:30 on the 11th of January 2017.


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