Thursday 8th May – Sunday 11th May

Hi all,

So another Bank Holiday passes with some reasonable weather but not as good as we’d love it to be. Another chance at the end of May so fingers crossed.

Unsettled sums up the coming days’ weather.

Thursday will start mainly dry in most areas but short-lived as cloud and rain spread from the south-west with the odd heavier burst. Quite cool and breezy. Highs of 13’C.

Bright or sunny spells on Friday but these in between showers, which will be heavy with possible hail or thunder and may even merge to longer spells of rain at times. Breezy. Highs of 13’C.

The weekend doesn’t promise much.

It should start bright on Saturday but cloud will thicken and rain with an increasing breeze will develop over the region as the day progresses. Highs of 14’C.

Sunday sees the rain push away to the east leaving behind sunshine and frequent heavy showers as well as a keen north-westerly breeze. Feeling cooler with highs of only 12’C.

Looking ahead. Remaining unsettled into next week. Hints for maybe something warmer by the end of the week. To keep up-to-date with your local weather, follow Jon, @ChadWeather on Twitter.

April 2014 Stats: Warmest: 18.1’C; Coldest 1.8’C; Wettest: 10.2mm; Windiest: 37mph; Total Rainfall: 57.8mm.


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