Thursday 15th May – Sunday 18th May


Finally a little bit of drier settled weather has arrived and with it some warmth after a cool week with some substantial rainfall, including the wettest day for 6 months.

Thursday should be a dry day with sunny spells after a misty and possibly overcast morning in some places. Feeling pleasant in any sun with light winds. Highs of 17’C. Some cloud may linger on the hills.

Friday looks to follow suit with a day of sunny spells after any early cloud and possible hill-drizzle breaks up and eases. Feeling warm again and it’s likely we may see highs of 21’C in some parts.

The weekend will see a slow change as the high pressure slips away.

Saturday sees a reasonable day across the region with sunny spells breaking through the clouds. Thicker cloud later on could trigger off a few late-afternoon showers. Still pleasantly warm at 20’C.

Sunday sees the change continue. Any bright spells will eventually be replaced by cloud and showery rain pushing slowly in from the west later with an increasing breeze. Highs a little cooler at 17’C.

The outlook for early next week is for it to be unsettled and showery with average temperatures.

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