Thursday 4th June 2015 – Sunday 7th June 2015


Well June didn’t start well did it, with a deep area of low pressure bringing unseasonal gales and for some of us an inch of rain. At least the future holds better news. Not a heatwave as per the usual media nonsense but something warmer and drier. 

Thursday will be dry day with warm sunny spells which could be hazy at times. Feeling much warmer than of late as a southerly breeze feeds up some humid air. Max 19°C.

As we head into Friday we have a contrast across the UK with us in the middle. To our NW, cooler cloudier conditions with rain and to our SE, hotter conditions with some torrential thunderstorms likely. For us this means a settled day again with warm sunny spells. However, it might not stay dry as the cooler air edges east meaning some showers might be set off later in the day so watch out for those. Humid at times. Max 18°C.

So what’s for the weekend. Locally the annual Parklife Festival is on and conditions could be a lot worse but not the heatwave they were promising via media reports earlier in the week. 

Saturday might start off with a few showers but these will clear to leave a day of sunny spells and feeling fresher as the cooler air has pushed east. Max 15°C.

A dry day seems likely on Sunday with variable amounts of cloud and bright or sunny spells. Temperatures around average. Max 16°C.

Looking ahead sees high pressure become established across the country bringing dry days with sunny spells and temperatures might start to edge up a notch. Nothing too hot yet on the horizon, but the settled conditions will be welcome news for everyone. 

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