Thursday 11th June 2015 – Sunday 14th June 2015

Hi all,

An early blog this week. Signs of a change after temperatures rise.

May was a disappointing month with plenty of rainfall. The overall average was cooler than April and we had 19 rainy days. After a very wet June the 1st, the weather has settled down into June with some welcome sunshine but unfortunately with no signs of the first summer heatwave on the cards.

High pressure has been in control all week, but with some cool air trapped in and around the high, we haven’t seen temperatures regularly into the 20s. 

On Thursday we start to see a change. The high pressure slips away allowing humid and warmer air to feed up from the continent. We can expect another dry day with warm sunny spells and temperatures up. Max 19°C.

On Friday morning, any early mist or low cloud will break up to give some bright spells. Feeling muggy and warm into the afternoon and cloud increasing. Rain, possibly thundery, late evening or overnight. Max 21°C.

The second half of the weekend and into next week slowly improves but Saturday sees low pressure close by. Any morning rain should turn showery and a generally unsettled day. Feeling fresher than recent days. Max 15°C.

Sunday should be a drier day as the low starts to slip away and any early rain is killed off. Plenty of cloud around but I’m hopeful of some bright spells. Definitely feeling cooler. Max 14°C.

Looking ahead, high pressure starts to edge back in from the southwest. So the outlook is mainly dry conditions but with cloud at times. Any bright or sunny spells making it feel pleasant but temperatures look to hold below the 20s.

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May 2015 Stats: Av. Max Temp: 12.7°C; Warmest: 17.1°C; Coldest: 2.6°C; Wettest: 15.4mm; Windiest: 41mph; Total Rainfall: 107.4mm (wet).


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